Election day is a company holiday

Voting is a critical part of our democratic process.  Your vote matters! Politicians wouldn't be fighting so hard over raising or removing barriers to voting if it didn't.

One of those barriers is the fact that election day is not a national holiday. This makes it harder for working people to vote, especially those juggling multiple jobs, child care and other responsibilities.

Toolchain is a startup, and we can't impact national policy, but we can at least model desirable programs on a small scale. So at our company, Nov. 3rd 2020 will be an official holiday. Employees are encouraged to use this time to work for voting rights and democratic ideals, e.g., by volunteering to serve as poll workers.

Please be sure to register to vote, and then vote! Utilize early or mail-in voting in your state, if possible, or vote in-person on election day if not. Your vote is your voice, so let's be sure it's heard!

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