Toolchain is at PyCon US 2021

PyCon US, the largest Python conference, is getting under way, and Toolchain has a strong presence this year! In fact, we’re thrilled to announce that Toolchain was selected as one of just a handful of startups to be featured in Startup Row, a showcase of new ventures and technologies to share their work with the Python community.

If you've never been to a PyCon, this year's a great opportunity, since the entire event is happening online.

If you've got a PyCon ticket, you can visit our virtual booth or lounge table throughout the conference, and on both Friday and Saturday from 11:00-12:00 PDT we’ll be demoing “Fast, Friendly Python Builds With Pants and Toolchain” in the virtual expo hall.

And if that wasn’t enough, two of our employees will be giving talks at the conference: On Friday May 14th at 9:15 AM PDT, Toolchain co-founder Benjy Weinberger will be speaking about some of the cool and unusual ways we leverage Python in the Pants execution engine, in “Creating extensible workflows with off-label use of Python”.

On Friday at 1:00 PM PDT Toolchain engineer Eric Arellano will be speaking, in Spanish, about our experience interoperating Python and Rust, in “Cuándo usar extensiones nativas en Rust: rendimiento accesible y seguro”.

You can still register for PyCon US, until the conference finishes on Saturday May 15th . It’s $100 for an individual registration or $150 for a corporate registration, and proceeds benefit the Python Software Foundation. Conferences are a great professional development opportunity, so maybe your employer will reimburse the cost of your ticket?

Please tell your friends and co-workers about our talks and demos, and come find us online at the conference!

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