Welcome to the Toolchain Engineering Blog

You've probably seen corporate engineering blogs before. You know the deal - a post every few weeks, or months, boasting about a new feature, or an open-source project with a "cool" name*, or a conference talk, all inevitably ending with "we're hiring!"

Well, this blog is a little different. We want to provide non-braggy content that's actually useful in the day-to-day. So we've decided to use this blog to post solutions to the little problems and gotchas that we encounter in our daily work. This helps preserve the knowledge, and code snippets, both for our own benefit and for the community at large.

Of course this means there's not much value in reading our blog in sequence. We expect most of our visitors to find individual posts via web searches for the problem the post addresses. But we hope that if you've found this blog that way you'll take a moment to find out more about what we're working on. And we promise never to end a post with "We're hiring!". Although, for the record, we are.

* Usually a workflow system...

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